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Why Choose

SunPower by Green Convergence?

  • SunPower panels carry an unparalleled 25-year Lifetime Warranty – the highest in the industry.

  • The most efficient, durable, and dependable solar panels available on the market.

  • SunPower panels produce up to75% more energy over the first 25 years.

  • Copper-backed panels maximize extra conductivity, even at low temperatures.

Southern California Residential Solar Panel Installation

Learn Why We Are the Preferred Source for California Homeowners

At SunPower by Green Convergence, we care about the way your solar works and how it looks. In fact, our Master Tile Solar Installation experts don’t just drill solar panels to your roof like other competitors. Our techniques are unique in the solar industry and actually preserve your roofing tile. Our low-profile mounting system protects your home from leaks and also gives your home a design you can boast about for years to come.

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  • Cutting-Edge EngineeringAt SunPower by Green Convergence, we are all about helping homeowners make the switch to cleaner, greener energy. We keep your roof protected, productive, and in style all year long.
  • State-of-the-Art TechnologyThe Maxeon-quality cells in SunPower panels produce 75% more energy than other panels available for both residential and commercial use. That means they provide more power in less roof space.
  • One-of-a-Kind Solar Solutions By combining the reliability of SunPower panels with our masterful application techniques, homeowners can enjoy a completely customized solar panel system installed on their home.

Solar 101: Common Questions

  • What types of roofs do you install on?

    We install on almost every roof imaginable! These include: Spanish tile, composition shingle, flat concrete tile, metal stone coated steel and ground mounts! We also do unique building structures and carports.

  • Does Green Convergence use subcontractors?

    No! While other solar providers may outsource your installation to a third party construction team, we complete every install with our own in-house team of solar, electrical and roofing professionals.

  • What does it mean to be a SunPower Master Dealer?

    Only qualified and approved SunPower dealers can sell SunPower solar panels. We are SunPower's first Master Dealer. A SunPower Master Dealer ranks highest above any other SunPower dealer, including authorized dealers and elite dealers.

  • Why are solar panels by SunPower the right choice?

    SunPower offers the highest-efficiency solar panels on the market and the only panels that can be safely flush-mounted to your roof, making them more durable and more aesthetically pleasing. Because of the high efficiency of their panels, a SunPower solar energy system requires less panels for the same amount of power and, therefore, a SunPower system will take up less roof space than any other system.

  • For how long do SunPower panels perform?

    asdfYour panels are constantly exposed to the elements and durability is critical. SunPower panels carry a 25-year warranty (the longest in the industry) and have a lower failure rate than any other conventional panel on the market.

  • How efficient are solar panels?

    Solar panels are very energy efficient. The average panel converts about 15 - 22% of sunlight to energy for your home, and our panels trend towards the highest efficiency. An entire home can be run on this amount of solar energy.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Hear from Our Customers

  • "Green Convergence did a full roof and solar install, and these guys were amazing. Everything was clearly communicated, prompt, and very efficient. I couldn't be happier with their work and professionalism."

  • "If you are looking for Solar look no further, these guys are it!!!! I'm not even sure where to start talking about the absolutely phenomenal service that I received from Green Convergence."

  • "For solar, it doesn't get any better than Sunpower with Green Convergence. Thank you for doing an amazing job, we chose right for sure!!"

  • "Our first electric bill! Just received our first electric bill...from $400 a month without AC and conserving, to running AC, washer, dryer, dishwasher and all else without regard to cost...$71.00! Thanks! The best decision we've ever made."

  • "Green Convergence is a professional local full service company. This company has now helped me and 2 others I referred we are all very happy with the service we received. I highly recommend them Mark and his team are top notch."

Bringing Sunshine to Countless Southern California Homeowners for Decades!

SunPower by Green Convergence is one of the community’s locally owned and operated businesses. We are proud to be active members in the community and only provide our customers with the best service possible. Reliable, neighborly service: that’s what we call the SunPower by Green Convergence difference.

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Why Choose SunPower by Green Convergence?

  • Top Quality Products Ensuring Decades of Energy Production
  • 50-Year Warranty on Your Roof Under the Solar Array
  • Protection Against Roof Leaks and Other Roof Failures
  • No Ugly Conduit Running Alongside Your Home
  • The Locally-Owned & Operated Business You Can Trust
  • Serving Homeowners Throughout the Greater Los Angeles area